• The Problem:

    The oil industry loses a staggering $30 billion a year due to non-productive time (NPT)


    The Solution:

    Real-time, predictive information that allows unplanned downtime to be avoided

DataCloud uses the cloud and machine learning techniques to increase oil and gas drilling efficiency and make drilling operations safer. Our software predicts when potential drilling problems are likely to occur, thereby enabling preventative actions that improve outcomes. Our clients drill faster and safer by gleaning insight from their data in ways that have never before been possible.

DataCloud Platform

The DataCloud Platform is a data store in the Cloud that is designed specifically for applying machine learning to rig data, allowing insights to be quickly surfaced. With this platform, KPI’s and cross well comparisons can be evaluated and shared across teams. Research or data science projects can be easily supplied with historical drilling data – all that’s required is internet connectivity for an authorized user to download the precise data they are looking for.

Establishing Your DataCloud

Currently, an operator’s real-time WITSML drilling data are streamed directly from the rig-site and stored on servers owned by a third-party data aggregator. To establish your DataCloud, we simply obtain a second copy of the streaming WITSML data and store it on the DataCloud Platform. We also upload any relevant legacy data such as that from offset wells, analogs, and relevant subsurface logging tool information.

Turning Data into Knowledge – The DataCloud Application Layer

With your DataCloud built you’re now ready to realize the highest value of the DataCloud system – The DataCloud Application Layer which allows operators to inform real-time decisions at the rig-site, HQ level, and elsewhere.

DataCloud Visualize: Insights uncovered via advanced analytics are turned into real-time dashboards available to all relevant points of contact among teams. All insights are presented in a browser interface using PowerBI. Export to Spotfire, Tableau and other tools are also supported. Visuals can be sent or accessed wherever they need to be – the rig floor, the client’s real-time center, or via any PC, mobile or tablet device. Real time updates are pushed to connected devices and offline exports are also supported with seamless sync capability.

DataCloud Kick Detector: Our kick detector application is unlike any other available. Our solution makes use of 13 different well control variables to achieve a level of analysis unavailable from the competition. A critical part of our Kick Detector app is the verification of functioning and properly calibrated sensors on the rig, as correct input data, in addition to complete data, is mandatory to accurately detect high consequence well control events before these occur.

DataCloud Predictive Maintenance: When a top drive or mud pump fails unexpectedly, the NPT incurred is costly for everyone involved. With the DataCloud Predicative Maintenance app, it’s possible to record diagnostic information on critical rig components in real-time and aggregate this knowledge with legacy information that exists in the DataCloud Platform. Advanced machine learning models are then used to detect and predict failures before they occur, thereby making it possible to conduct maintenance before a failure leads to NPT.

DataCloud TD Optimizer: Drilling practices that consistently result in the best possible time-depth performance can now be identified by geologic basin and subsequently implemented. Legacy wells are first “benchmarked” by outcome and used as a training dataset. Machine learning models are used to create an optimal, basin-specific, drilling algorithm that is ultimately used to guide drilling decisions in real-time. The resultant set of algorithms will identify actions that maximize the sustainable rate of penetration while drilling, and minimize flat time during casing and cementing operations.

DataCloud Rig Move: With the DataCloud Rig Move app, data is analyzed to enable better planning for an upcoming rig move. Additionally, rig moves are tracked in real-time to assess how well the move is going according to the plan and historical averages.

DataCloud Flat Time Optimizer: This app allows real-time monitoring and analysis of rig activities. Performance can be broadcast and accessed anywhere, any time. This allows deep investigation into each rig’s and each crew’s performance. The app shows actual vs. planned flat time, as well as historical benchmarks, and identifies impending problems that cause deviations from plan, before these occur.

No Capital Investment

Because it all runs in the cloud, we can deliver the information you need, as you want it, via software as a service (SaaS). DataCloud provides this information without requiring you to purchase any new hardware or make any extended “take or pay” SaaS commitments. And since our Platform brings that information faster, more flexibly, and with greater insights than traditional third-party aggregators, not only do you get more advanced predictive information right away, you also have total control over it without requiring any capital outlay. It’s subscription-based so you pay per rig, per day, for what you use and you aren’t locked in.

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