• Bring life to geology and improve grade engineering and fragmentation profiles via differential blasting

When drilling hard rock exploration and blast holes, measurement while drilling (MWD) data is collected that describes various units of force being applied during the drilling process. Such parameters as weight on bit, torque, rate of penetration, etc., are typically time-stamped and recorded in these MWD data sets in 3D space.

DataCloud has merged a large volume of legacy MWD data, with the underlying mineralogical and rock mechanical data the drill bit was cutting at all points in time during the drilling process. From this massive, merged data set, DataCloud has developed its MWD-Geo tool that uses machine learning to derive rock mechanical and mineralogical information from drilling properties, in the absence of sample data.

This tool is the first of its kind. For connected mine sites, MWD-Geo can be deployed via Azure Stream Analytics to determine these mechanical and mineralogical rock properties from drilling data in real time. Clients can thus begin to realize the promise of “living geology” and use these outputs to update differential blasting and loading operations in real time. By maximizing the value of this MWD data, and using it to optimize resultant blasting operations, mine operators can significantly improve their grade engineering and post-blast fragmentation profiles.

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