DataCloud’s fully integrated technology and analytics platform enables you to process massive volumes of data and create real-time, actionable insights that dramatically improve your processes, performance and productivity. DataCloud’s mission: Use advanced technology to keep you ahead of the game – and the competition.

Combining World-Class Technology and Mining Industry Expertise

DataCloud has assembled a best-in-class group of experts from the technology industry and top-tier institutions such as UC Berkeley, Cambridge, and Stanford, who have deep expertise in the geosciences, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. By bringing together leaders in both mining and technology, we are solving many of the problems that have challenged the mining industry for decades.

First among those mining industry challenges is improving the productivity of operations, from exploration, to reclamation. Understanding the orebody early, and accurately, represents the highest value creation opportunity for mining operators. To help mining companies solve these challenges and capitalize on the huge opportunities, DataCloud has built real-time geoscience solutions that provide the subsurface characterization data required to significantly enhance orebody understanding during the exploration and production phases of a mine’s life. DataCloud’s geoscience solutions are based on advanced real-time digital technologies such as cloud computing, neural networks, machine learning, high resolution visualization, and IoT sensor systems.

Real-Time Orebody Imaging: High Resolution Insights

DataCloud’s breakthrough technology solutions help clients improve their economic profiles in two primary ways:

1) Delivering a real-time, high resolution understanding of their orebodies for improved downstream decision making
2) Measuring the rock mechanical and acoustic properties required for improved blast outcomes.

With the use of DataCloud’s solution suite, clients are now able to access a real-time, centimeter-scale resolution image of their orebodies. Features such as subtle fractures, ore / waste contacts, and joint spacing can be quickly identified in DataCloud’s earth model platform. Among many other applications, information such as this allows clients to reduce dilution, halt production drilling at formation tops, and take the preemptive steps needed to reduce oversize and the secondary handling costs the occurrence of these large blocks creates. These accurately mapped orebodies can also be exported via API to mine planning software, where clients can use the information to guide operations and improve productivity.

Fragmentation Optimization: Steady-State Processing Operations

A key driver of DataCloud’s technology solutions is based on the concept of fragmentation optimization. This approach offers radical improvements in mine productivity and profitability, by helping match incoming incoming ore, with the fragmentation profile processing facilities were designed to receive. The goal in optimizing fragmentation is to create “boring days” at the processing facilities. Steady-state downstream operations are the most effective way to reduce unit production costs at a mine.

Fragmentation is improved by matching explosive energy to rock properties and the most critical element of fragmentation optimization is differential blasting. Studies show mine NPV can be increased by almost 10-percent by differential blasting alone. In differential blasting, blast hole burden and spacing are configured based on a pre-drill geologic model of the bench, which can be accurately determined with DataCloud’s Next-Bench-Down predictive technology.

While the blast holes are being drilled, DataCloud can collect high resolution SWD (Seismic While Drilling) information from its drill-based IoT sensors. This data is integrated with MWD (Measurement While Drilling) data in real-time to create a high resolution, centimeter scale geologic and mechanical model of the bench. Using this model, the blast engineer can much more effectively design a blast plan that delivers a desired fragmentation profile.

Fragmentation optimization is a game-changer for mining companies that today face myriad challenges, including declining mine productivity and global competition. DataCloud is leading the way in leveraging this breakthrough geoscience technology to help its mining clients to improve productivity, profitability, and safety, while lessening the environmental impact of their operations. By reducing dilution via enhanced orebody knowledge, and increasing throughput via improved fragmentation, Datacloud is able to deliver material production improvements to its clients at lower unit processing costs.

Enhanced orebody knowledge and fragmentation optimization are at the core of how DataCloud is helping its clients to master the subsurface and “Know the Rock.” Please contact us to learn more.

Sensors to Characterize the Bench

DataCloud’s technology team is based in Silicon Valley, right in the heart of the latest advances in innovative digital technology, including IoT sensor systems and cloud computing. These advances are essential to DataCloud’s transformative mining technology solutions. Historically, high quality, precise measurements were expensive and slow, interrupting the mining process and requiring additional specialized crews at the mine. With modern technology, this has now changed. IoT sensors and cloud computing have created the conditions whereby extremely valuable subsurface information that was once too slow and too cost prohibitive to ascertain, can now be delivered in time, and at a price, to transform the economic profile of mine site operations.

DataCloud sensors are designed with the following guiding principles:

  • Keep off the critical path; all measurements are made without slowing down or stopping the mining process.
  • Don’t add people to the bench; DataCloud’s sensors are either autonomous or can be deployed by staff doing existing tasks on the bench
  • Use the latest generation of sensor technology; wherever possible we use the same technology as your smart phone – cheaper, smaller and faster!